Our Tea & Food



We use our most popular Artisan Blends tea line for our tea shop menu. To make sure our customers are not overwhelmed when ordering, we feature 8-10 different teas on the menu each month and rotate them according to the season. We only use high quality loose leaf tea in our shop. Everything is steeped in small batches to ensure freshness. From time to time, we may sell out of a tea on the menu because of this. We have a few permanent teas on the menu: House Black, Earl Grey, Halfmoon Bay, and Jasmine Green. Four months out of the year, our hot House Black is replaced by a seasonal tea: October & November - Pumpkin Spice, December & January - Chocolate Frost. Because we change the menu every month, this allows us to frequently order our loose leaf tea in small batches. We order what we need for the month and bag up the rest for retail. This ensures your loose leaf tea purchases are fresh and not sitting on our shelf for years. Because of this, availability on our Artisan Blends line can be limited. With enough special requests [feel free to shoot us an email for ask in person], we can special order teas from our Artisan Blends line if they are unavailable.


Our baked goods are rotated frequently and change all the time.  We bake everything fresh, daily, and on site each morning. We have a variety of sweet and savory baked goods at the tea shop each morning. The sweets start coming out in the morning and the savory items later in the morning. Often, the baked goods will be cooling in the back when we open. Feel free to ask which items are ready and someone can get your order from the kitchen. Follow us on Facebook and look for our "Today's baked goods" post or give us a call.


Savory baked goods and our chicken pot pies can be found in the hot case. The savory baked goods will rotate all the time and are ready later in the morning. Check our Facebook page to see what is available or give us a call. Our chicken pot pies have been really popular and can sell out pretty quick. They come out of the oven at 11:30am. We take pre-orders for pot pies and that's the only way to guarantee your order. Just call us at least one day in advance to reserve your pies. It can be hard to keep up with demand since many regulars buy them for the whole family. They hold up well in the fridge and we have many regulars that freeze and re-heat them without any problems. Kat makes them from scratch and on site. We also take catering orders for chicken pot pies even when you need them on a day we are closed. Just contact us for more details.

Our popular spring rolls can be found in the cold case, along with side salads. They are ready at 11:30am, but we tend to sell out quick [sometimes before 11:30am]. These are Thai spring rolls served with our house peanut sauce, mild or spicy. Our standard spring rolls are veggie or shrimp, but we occasionally make chicken spring rolls, chicken caesar spring rolls, or bacon chicken ranch spring rolls. Since we usually sell out early, we recommend per-ordering your spring rolls. Shrimp and veggie spring rolls are available regularly and any of the other varieties should be ordered at least a day in advance.