Waterloo Infuser Teapot


600ml / 20.3 fl. oz

The Waterloo is a uniquely designed, personal, infuser teapot. The lid and infuser are both stainless steel while the body of the teapot is made from heat-resistant, borosilicate glass. The ultra-fine polished stainless steel infuser is not fragile like glass infusers, and the micro pores allow for a full and complete infusion. The tea will gain colour and expand comfortably in this infuser giving you an elegant and high class tea experience. This teapot will look great on your tabletop, as well as, steep delicious tea!

We do not recommend using the Waterloo Infuser Teapot on the stove top. Boil water in a kettle and pour hot water into the teapot. Do not microwave with lid or infuser. 


  • Borosilicate, heat-resistant glass
  • 600 ml capacity, enough for about 2 cups of tea
  • Beautiful design will show off the colour of your tea as it infuses
  • Micro fine top grade infuser has micro mesh holes to allow tea leaves to steep fully


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